Featured Microscopist: Thomas J. Deerinck

The Nikon MicroscopyU featured microscopist is accomplished research scientist Thomas J. Deerinck. Originally trained in electron microscopy, Deerinck has spent the last 25 years working to develop methods for high-resolution biological imaging in the Department of Neuroscience and the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research at the University of California, San Diego. Some of the specific research projects that Deerinck is currently involved with include investigating genetically encoded labels for light and electron microscopic observations and developing techniques to allow for high resolution imaging of biologically important structures in the central nervous system.

Working in collaboration with a vast array of preeminent scientists over the years, Deerinck has co-authored more than 150 scientific articles, technical reports, book chapters, and abstracts. He has also been a guest lecturer at the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, where he shared his expertise in the principles of electron microscopy and biological electron tomography. Over the course of his career, Deerinck has worked with many noted microscopists including Mark Ellisman and Roger Tsien.

Interview and Digital Image Gallery
  • Interview with Thomas J. Deerinck - Meet our featured microscopist and learn how he became interested in microscopy, photomicrography, and digital imaging.

  • Digital Images of Thomas J. Deerinck - View the microscopic world through Tom Deerinck's eyes with these beautiful digital images from his collection of digital images captured with widefield, two-photon, and confocal microscopes.

Deerinck's vast experience in cutting edge microscopy methods is clearly demonstrated in his stunning collection of digital images. His skill was first recognized by the Nikon Small World Competition in 2002, when he won first prize for an image of a saggital section of rat cerebellum captured utilizing fluorescence and confocal techniques. Many remarkable examples of his impressive microscopy efforts are included in the Digital Image Gallery.

Past Nikon MicroscopyU Featured Microscopists

Stephen W. Paddock - Our featured microscopist for Spring 2002 was Dr. Stephen W. Paddock from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Paddock has an extensive background in the biological sciences, and he has authored numerous publications on such topics as advanced applications for microscopy, digital and video imaging, photomicrography in biological and biomedical research, and specialized techniques in confocal laser scanning microscopy.

James E. Hayden, RBP, FBCA - Our featured microscopist for 2001 was noted microscopist James E. Hayden RBP, FBCA, a freelance photomicrographer and owner of Bio-Graphics, a business in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania specializing in scientific/biological imaging and consulting.