Winners of the 1987 Small World contest came from such fields as pathology, biology, anatomy, chemistry, biophysics, botany, metallurgy, and marine science. The distinguished panel of judges included Martin L. Scott (Scientific Imaging), George Watchmaker (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), James A. Dvorak (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), and Roger P. Loveland (Kodak Research Laboratories).

1987 Contest Prize Winners

  • First Prize

    1st Prize - Julie Macklin and Dr. Graeme Laver

    Australian National University - John Curtin School of Medical Research - Canberra, Australia
    Specimen: Crystals of influenza virus neuraminidase isolated from terns (14x)
    Technique: Brightfield with Colored Filters
  • Second Prize

    2nd Prize - Silvio Demian Fridman

    Miami Beach, Florida, USA
    Specimen: Shell (10x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Third Prize

    3rd Prize - Dr. Per R. Flood

    University of Bergen, Institute of Anatomy - Bergen, Norway
    Specimen: Microdissected and unfolded rudiment of the mucous house of a planktonic animal Oikopleura labradoriensis
    Technique: A. Polarized Light - B. Double Exposure (Polarized Light/Darkfield) - C. Superimposed Exposures of House Rudiment (Polarized Light) and Trunk Epithelium
  • Fourth Prize

    4th Prize - Roland O. Marsh, Jr.

    Madigan Army Medical Center - Tacoma, Washington, USA
    Specimen: Obelia medusa (50x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Fifth Prize

    5th Prize - Arthur Strange

    BIOARTS: Photography for Science Education - Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    Specimen: Acetaminophen crystals (20x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Sixth Prize

    6th Prize - Dr. Randolph L. Rill

    Florida State University, Department of Chemistry and Institute of Molecular Biophysics - Tallahassee, Florida, USA
    Specimen: Controlled concentration gradient in slowly drying DNA solution (25x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Seventh Prize

    7th Prize - Howard E. Schneider

    Spin Physics/Kodac - San Diego, California, USA
    Specimen: Two types of glass filaments in epoxy binder (150x)
    Technique: Differential Interference Contrast
  • Eighth Prize

    8th Prize - Yang Zuo-Chen

    Department of Geography - Changchun Teachers Training College - Changchun Jilin, The People's Republic of China
    Specimen: Single crystals of ZnS:Cu (200x)
    Technique: Electroluminescence
  • Ninth Prize

    9th Prize - Michael W. Davidson

    Florida State University, Department of Chemistry and Institute of Molecular Biophysics - Tallahassee, Florida, USA
    Specimen: Multiple exposure of concentrated DNA solution of nucleosome corelength DNA molecules in ammonium acetate buffer (25x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Tenth Prize

    10th Prize - Greg Daniels, Ann Grabau and Jack Yahl

    McDonnell Douglas Corporation - St. Louis, Missouri
    Specimen: Delamination of a PET film (25x)
    Technique: Brightfield, Electronically Enhanced
  • Eleventh Prize

    11th Prize - Robert L. Calentine

    University of Wisconsin - River Falls, Wisconsin, USA
    Specimen: Deer fly Tabanidae head (11x)
    Technique: Brightfield
  • Twelfth Prize

    12th Prize - Denise Hoffer Whiting

    Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, New York, USA
    Specimen: Section of coronary artery showing nearly total occlusion (13.2x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Thirteenth Prize

    13th Prize - James C. Ducale

    J.P. Blanchard, M.D., Inc. - Santa Barbara, California, USA
    Specimen: Ascorbic acid (100x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Fourteenth Prize

    14th Prize - Pentti J. Alho

    Helsinki, Finland
    Specimen: Snow crystal (20x)
    Technique: Rheinberg Illumination
  • Fifteenth Prize

    15th Prize - M.I. (Spike) Walker

    Penkridge, Staffs, England
    Specimen: Sulphur crystals (12.5x)
    Technique: Polarized Light and Rheinberg Illumination
  • Sixteenth Prize

    16th Prize - Marc Van Hove

    CENTEXBEL - Gent, Belgium
    Specimen: Monofilament spiral forming part of a zipper (10x)
    Technique: Brightfield
  • Seventeenth Prize

    17th Prize - Robert Berdan

    University of Calgary, Department of Medical Physiology - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Specimen: Radial section of secondary xylem from eastern white pine, Pinus strobus (50x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Eighteenth Prize

    18th Prize - Bob Semple

    Federal Fisheries & Oceans - Fisheries Research Lab - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Specimen: Molting lobster larvae in salt water (12x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Nineteenth Prize

    19th Prize - Thomas E. Carney

    E.I. DuPont Co. - Wilmington, Delaware, USA
    Specimen: graphite fiber (100x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Twentieth Prize

    20th Prize - Vincent Garofalo

    State University of New York - Health Science Center - Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Specimen: Fusion preparation of photographic stabilizer solution (25x)
    Technique: Polarized Light

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