Specimens entered into the 2000 Small World contest included plastic bubble wrap, a mangrove leaf, bamboo, soap, a canine eye, a mouse tongue, medusa worm skin, chemical crystals, bovine arterial cells, zebrafish gills, and a human umbilical cord. Judges for the 26th annual contest included Dr. Kenneth R. Spring (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute), Martin L. Scott (Scientific Imaging), Dr. Nancy Kedersha (Harvard Medical School), and Michael W. Davidson (Florida State University).

2000 Contest Prize Winners

  • First Prize

    1st Prize - Daphne Zbaeren-Colbourn

    Bern, Switzerland
    Specimen: Avicennia marina (mangrove) leaf (40x)
    Technique: Fluorescence and Differential Interference Contrast
  • Second Prize

    2nd Prize - Christian Gautier

    PHO.N.E. Photo Agency - Paris, France
    Specimen: Synapta sp. (medusa worm) skin (100x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Third Prize

    3rd Prize - James E. Hayden, RBP, FBCA

    Bio-Graphics - Blue Cell, Pennsylvania, USA
    Specimen: Iris, ciliary body and lens of a canine eye (7.7x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Fourth Prize

    4th Prize - Jakob Zbaeren

    Insel Hospital - Bern, Switzerland
    Specimen: Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (120x)
    Technique: Fluorescence
  • Fifth Prize

    5th Prize - Karl E. Deckart

    Eckental, Germany
    Specimen: Surface of aluminum milling grooves (10x)
    Technique: Differential Interference Contrast
  • Sixth Prize

    6th Prize - James E. Hayden, RBP, FBCA

    Bio-Graphics - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA
    Specimen: Danio rerio (zebrafish) gill branches (46.7x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Seventh Prize

    7th Prize - Ines Schlegel

    Institute of Freshwater - Ecology and Fisheries - Neuglobsow, Germany
    Specimen: Green microscopy dye (200x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Eighth Prize

    8th Prize - James E. Hayden, RBP, FBCA

    Bio-Graphics - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA
    Specimen: Canine papillary (heart) muscle (25x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Ninth Prize

    9th Prize - Ron Sturm

    Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. - Skokie, Illinois, USA
    Specimen: Thin section of bamboo (10x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Tenth Prize

    10th Prize - Lars Bech

    Naarden, The Netherlands
    Specimen: Fluoxetine (Prozac®) melted with a -aminopyridine (50x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Eleventh Prize

    11th Prize - Lynn Boatner & Hu Longmire

    Oak Rigde National Laboratory - Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
    Specimen: Laser ablated surface of zirconia ceramic, showing fracture (300x)
    Technique: Differential Interference Contrast
  • Twelfth Prize

    12th Prize - Daphne Zbaeren-Colbourn

    Bern, Switzerland
    Specimen: Avicennia germinans (black mangrove) leaf (20x)
    Technique: Fluorescence, triple exposure
  • Thirteenth Prize

    13th Prize - Ralph S. Common

    Division of Human Pathology, Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan, USA
    Specimen: Partially dried liquid handsoap (50x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Fourteenth Prize

    14th Prize - Lars Bech

    Naarden, The Netherlands
    Specimen: Scopoletin heated with chloroform and acetic acid (45x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Fifteenth Prize

    15th Prize - Diane Gray

    Molecular Probes, Inc. - Eugene, Oregon, USA
    Specimen: Bovine Pulmonary artery endothelium cells (400x)
    Technique: Fluorescence
  • Sixteenth Prize

    16th Prize - Luiz C.U. Junqueira

    Department of Pathology - University of São Paulo - Medical School - São Paulo, Brazil
    Specimen: Long bone epiphyses (growth plate) (40x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Seventeenth Prize

    17th Prize - Dr. K. G. Murti

    St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
    Specimen: HeLa (cancer) cells in culture (1,350x)
    Technique: Confocal
  • Eighteenth Prize

    18th Prize - Jim Pretorius

    Amgen, Inc. - Thousand Oaks, California, USA
    Specimen: Cross section of a mouse tongue (in situ hybridization) (30x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Nineteenth Prize

    19th Prize - Carole Cliff

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Specimen: Bubble plastic wrap injected with ink
    Technique: Brightfield
  • Twentieth Prize

    20th Prize - Steven Nagar

    Department of Botany - North Carolina State University - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
    Specimen: Crystals of ferrous sulfate and cobalt chloride with immersion oil droplets (100x)
    Technique: Differential Interference Contrast

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