Requirements for the 1983 Small World competition were that total magnification fall between 20x and 2000x, and (for the first time) that all entries be 35 millimeter color photomicrographs in transparency format. The judges were Jack Kath (Merck Sharp & Dohme), Stanley Klosevych (University of Ottawa), Martin L. Scott (Eastman Kodak), and R. J. Gray (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

1983 Contest Prize Winners

  • First Prize

    1st Prize - Elieen Roux

    Bob Hope International Heart Research Institute - Seattle, Washington, USA
    Specimen: Suctorian attached to stalk of red algae, encircled by ring of diatoms (125x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Second Prize

    2nd Prize - Paul Gade

    University of Iowa, Zoology Department - Iowa City, Iowa, USA
    Specimen: Seretonin in cell-cultured snail neuron (125x)
    Technique: Fluorescence
  • Third Prize

    3rd Prize - Paul E. Danielson

    Teledyne Wah Chang Albany - Albany, Oregon, USA
    Specimen: Hafnium, polished with alumina abrasives and HF/HNO3/H2O solution (150x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Fourth Prize

    4th Prize - John K. Douglass

    Duke University, Zoology Department - Durham, North Carolina, USA
    Specimen: Compound eye of grass shrimp stained with methylene blue (200x)
    Technique: Phase Contrast
  • Fifth Prize

    5th Prize - Dr. A. Sen-Gupta

    Panjab University, Department of Biophysics - Chandigarh, India
    Specimen: Mulitiple exposures (4) of finely scratched tin foil using blue filter. Fifth expousure of condenser image using red filter (32x)
    Technique: Brightfield
  • Sixth Prize

    6th Prize - William Edward Schadel

    North Carolina State University - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
    Specimen: Megaspores and microspores of selaginella stained with safranin (20x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Seventh Prize

    7th Prize - George J. Wilder

    Harvard University - Petersham, Massachusetts, USA
    Specimen: Thin cross section of basswood (Tilia sp.) (25.2x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Eighth Prize

    8th Prize - Du Boistesselin

    Chu. La Pitie', Paris, France
    Specimen: Antique 19th century microscope slide featuring composition of mounted butterfly scales and diatoms (35x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Ninth Prize

    9th Prize - Per H. Kjeldsen

    University of Michigan, School of Dentistry - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    Specimen: Slow melt of testosterone propionate (50x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Tenth Prize

    10th Prize - Dennis Kunkel

    University of Washington, Department of Botany - Seattle, Washington, USA
    Specimen: Living water flea (Daphnia) (20x)
    Technique: Darkfield
  • Eleventh Prize

    11th Prize - James W. Smith

    Ferro Corporation Research Center - Independence, Ohio, USA
    Specimen: Spherulites of lead chromate (Crocoite) on the surface of a decorative glaze (60x)
    Technique: Differential Interference Contrast
  • Twelfth Prize

    12th Prize - Samuel David Serena

    Trainex - Garden Grove, California, USA
    Specimen: Volvox colony (160x)
    Technique: Rheinberg Illumination
  • Thirteenth Prize

    13th Prize - Nicholas Petraco

    New York City Police Laboratory - New York City, New York, USA
    Specimen: Feather mite from a barn owl (100x)
    Technique: Hoffman Modulation Contrast and Polarized Light
  • Fourteenth Prize

    14th Prize - C.P. Haltom, C.L. Angle, J.W. Nave, G.M. Goodwin

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
    Specimen: Superconductor containind bundles of Nb3Sn filaments in a copper matrix (100x)
    Technique: Brightfield
  • Fifteenth Prize

    15th Prize - William A. Sokol

    Culver City, California, USA
    Specimen: Multiple exposure of quinine sulphate burst over sulphanol using (10x) and (4x) objectives
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Sixteenth Prize

    16th Prize - Oscar M. Alvarez

    Cornell University Medical College - New York, New York, USA
    Specimen: Fancy tailed guppies eggs attached to yolk sac (100x)
    Technique: Phase Contrast
  • Seventeenth Prize

    17th Prize - John Ilmarii Koivula

    Gemological Institute of America - Santa Monica, California, USA
    Specimen: Amber polished to view dendritic air bubbles trapped between sequential flowlayers (40x)
    Technique: Brightfield, with shadowing for contrast
  • Eighteenth Prize

    18th Prize - Gautier Christian

    LeMans, France
    Specimen: Citric acid dissolving in alcohol (80x)
    Technique: Polarized Light
  • Nineteenth Prize

    19th Prize - Dr. Liang-Che Tao

    Toronto General Hospital, Pathology Department - Toronto, Canada
    Specimen: Cervico-vaginal smear showing an abnormal epithelial cell exhibiting irradiation effects (400x)
    Technique: Brightfield
  • Twentieth Prize

    20th Prize - Hrstka Jarosiav

    Spiegel, Switzerland
    Specimen: Artificial sugar crystal, cyclamate base (20x)
    Technique: Polarized Light

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