Video Entry Submission Form

Use this two-part entry form to electronically enter the 2017 Nikon Small World In Motion competition. All required fields contain an asterisk, and must be filled out to successfully complete the form and enter the contest. Detailed instructions for entering digital videos appear below the entry form window. After the form has been completed, click on the Continue button to view and edit the profile under which the entry will be submitted, and to continue with the submission process. Take a look at the Small World Contest Rules before submitting your entry form.

NOTE: Please fill in all the fields below. Fields marked with an * are required. Once you've completed the basic profile information, you will be taken to the second part of the signup process which is an upload form to enter your video submissions and details.

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Upload Videos

You will be able to upload your videos on the next page. Please take a moment to locate these files on your computer and have them ready for upload.

You will also be asked to provide descriptions for each video, such as Specimen & Preparation, Equipment Used, and Technique. File formats that are accepted are AVI, MPEG, and MOV.