Digital Image and Video Galleries

Recording of images observed in the optical microscope is of paramount importance for students, teachers, scientists, and technicians in both educational and industrial environments. The MicroscopyU digital image galleries feature over 1,500 still images and videos that present a wide spectrum of specimens imaged using the classical illumination techniques of brightfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence, Rheinberg, darkfield, reflected light, Hoffman modulation contrast, phase contrast, and polarized light.
Digital Image Galleries
Digital Video Galleries
  • Chemical Crystals
    Time-lapse videos of chemicals as they change from solid to the liquid state.
  • Pond Life
    Observe the activities of a wide variety of microscopic organisms captured in a typical North Florida pond. Included are nematodes, protozoans, annelids, crustaceans, dipterans, coelenterates, gastrotrichs, rotifers, and tardigrades.