Basal Cell Carcinoma at 10x Magnification

The appearance of basal cell carcinoma can vary significantly, which sometimes makes it difficult for individuals to recognize that they have the disease. Thus, any non-healing or recurring sore is usually reason enough to visit a medical professional. The most prevalent form of basal cell carcinoma is nodular. The cancerous nodules may exhibit a waxy, translucent, or pearly appearance, may feature a central depression or a raised border, and may periodically bleed and crust over. In addition to the typical nodules, basal cell carcinoma can also have the appearance of bluish-gray cystic lesions, pink to red papules or scaly patches, or increased brown or black pigment, especially in dark-skinned individuals. The borders of basal cell carcinomas may be either well- or poorly-defined depending on the specific type of the disease. In some instances, the cancer may be easy to confuse with scar tissue upon initial examination.

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