Cavernous Hemangioma at 4x Magnification

Often better known as port-wine stains, capillary hemangiomas, which are associated with atypical aggregations of the capillaries, are common pink to dark purple birthmarks that exhibit distinct boundaries and a smooth surface. They often are permanent and form on the head or neck. Immature hemangiomas, which characteristically endow the skin with a reddish nubbed appearance, commonly are informally referred to as strawberry marks. These growths, which are comprised of localized groups of dilated small blood vessels, usually begin to recede after the first year of life and frequently have disappeared completely by the time the child is ready to begin school. The cavernous hemangioma is the rarest of hemangioma types and also generally the most problematic since the reddish-blue birthmarks are usually significantly raised from the surface of the skin and do not vanish as quickly as immature hemangiomas. The blood vessels present in a cavernous hemangioma are encapsulated in a connective and fatty tissue framework.

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