Human Choroid Plexus

The choroid plexus is comprised of a network of minute fringed capillaries, which secrete a liquid that is vital to the health of the brain and spinal cord, termed the cerebrospinal fluid. The blood vessels of the choroid plexus protrude from the delicate envelope that covers the brain surface and continually leak the specialized fluid into a series of interconnected cavities located within and around the sensitive nerve tissues. Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear and thin solution that acts as a shock absorber for the entire central nervous system. The delicate tissue of the brain is prevented from crushing under its own weight while it is suspended in the watery cushion of the liquid. Comprised of blood derivatives - plasma without blood cells - the liquid also provides nutrients for neural tissue as well as a means to remove toxic waste products. After circulating, utilized solution is reabsorbed into the system by veins to be recycled.

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