Indian Muntjac Mitochondria

B-3A Longpass Emission (Wide Bandwidth Excitation) Blue Set

Fluorescence emission intensity from a culture of fibroblast Indian Muntjac deerskin cells that were immunofluorescently labeled with primary anti-oxphos complex V inhibitor protein monoclonal antibodies (mouse) followed by goat anti-mouse Fab fragments conjugated to Alexa Fluor 488. The visible light absorption maximum of Alexa Fluor 488 is 495 nanometers and the emission maximum occurs at 519 nanometers. In addition, the specimen was simultaneously stained for F-actin with Alexa Fluor 350 (blue) conjugated to phalloidin, and for DNA with SYTOX Orange. Note the presence of signal from both the orange and green fluorophores, but the absence of any significant emission intensity from Alexa Fluor 350, which is not efficiently excited in the blue wavelength region. In many cases, SYTOX Orange stains a variety of cytoplasmic elements in addition to DNA, as is evident in the image.

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