Potassium Thiocyanate Videos

This compound is one of the essential raw materials for the production of a variety of pharmaceutical products, such as antibiotics, thyroid medications, and chemotheraputic drugs. When recrystallized from the melt, potassium thiocyanate will slowly crystallize, forming beautiful dendritic needle-like crystals.

Thiocyanates, sodium thiocyanate and ammonium thiocyanate as well as potassium thiocyanate, were developed over 60 years ago. The chemical industries use them in the manufacture of compounds for various applications. Thiocyanates have a wide spectrum of applications in such sectors as pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, synthetic fiber, electroplating, dyeing and printing, photography and foodstuffs, etc. Specifically, they are use to manufacture herbicides and fungicides, synthetic textiles, and developing baths for photography. They help improve end products in the paper and concrete industries, as well as in the field of galvano technology and analytical chemistry.

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