Scar Tissue at 10x Magnification

Scars can never be completely eradicated, but a number of techniques have been developed that can greatly improve their appearance. For many scars, dermabrasion, which involves the use of an electrical machine to remove the outer layers of the skin to provide a more even contour, and laser resurfacing, in which high-energy laser light is used to eliminate damaged tissue, can be very beneficial. Chemical peels and collagen injections can also be used to cosmetically improve sunken scars, though improvement resulting from the latter process is temporary and must be repeated every three to six months. In some instances, scars can be made less noticeable through surgical techniques that may involve moving a scar to a more favorable location or changing its width or length. All surgeries result in their own scar tissue formation, but under the care of a medical professional, the original scar may be diminished and the new marks may be minimized for an overall cosmetic improvement. Other methods that are sometimes utilized to treat scars include the application of cocoa butter or creams with vitamin E, pressure bandages, cortisone and interferon injections, and the use of silicone-containing creams, gels, and bandages.

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