Sodium Thiosulphate Videos

Sodium Thiosulphate is a white, crystalline, water-soluble salt of sodium, used primarily as a photographic fixing agent often referred to (incorrectly) as hypo or hyposulphite. It is also used in the electroplating and tanning industries and widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, and paper making industries.

It has medical applications as well, given intravenously to reduce the systemic toxicity of high-dose cisplatin, an anti-cancer drug. It is administered along with sodium nitrate to treat cyanide poisoning, mediating the conversion of any free cyanide to the much less toxic thiocyanate, which is readily excreted in the urine.

This sodium salt is also used to treat swimming pools that have been overdosed with chlorine or shock dosed to get rid of algae and can preserve the longevity of many varieties of cut flowers when used to make a silver thiosulphate solution.

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