Albino Swiss Mouse Embryo Cells with Oregon Green 488, Alexa Fluor 568, and DAPI

DAPI-FITC-TRITC Bandpass Emission (Triple Band Excitation) Set

Fluorescence emission intensity from a culture of albino Swiss mouse embryo cells (3T3 line) stained with wheat germ agglutinin conjugated to Oregon Green 488, Alexa Fluor 568 conjugated to phalloidin, and DAPI, which target the intracellular Golgi network, cytoskeletal actin filaments, and nucleus, respectively. The visible light absorption maximum of Oregon Green 488 is 496 nanometers and the emission maximum occurs at 524 nanometers, while the corresponding values for Alexa Fluor 568 are 578 and 603 nanometers. Note the presence of high signal levels from all three of the fluorophores employed to stain the specimen.

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