Indian Muntjac Golgi Apparatus with Alexa Fluor 546

G-2E/C Bandpass Emission (Narrow Bandwidth Excitation) Green Set

Fluorescence emission intensity from a culture of Indian Muntjac deerskin fibroblast cells that were immunofluorescently labeled with primary anti-human golgin-97 mouse monoclonal antibodies followed by goat anti-mouse Fab fragments conjugated to Alexa Fluor 546. The visible light absorption maximum of Alexa Fluor 532 is 531 nanometers and the emission maximum occurs at 554 nanometers in the green-yellow region of the spectrum. In addition, the specimen was simultaneously stained with SYTOX Green (targeting DNA in the cell nucleus; green emission) and Alexa Fluor 350 conjugated to phalloidin (targeting the cytoskeletal actin network; blue emission). Anti-human golgin-97 antibodies recognize a 97-kiloDalton protein termed golgin-97, which is a member of the granin protein family and a peripheral membrane protein localized on the cytoplasmic face of the Golgi apparatus. Note the absence of signal from the green and blue fluorophores, which are not efficiently excited at green wavelengths, but the bright orange-red fluorescence exhibited by elements of the Golgi apparatus.

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