Mitosis in Pig Kidney Epithelial Cells

Perhaps the most recognizable phase of mitosis is termed metaphase, a stage where the chromosomes, attached to the kinetochore microtubules, begin to align in a single plane (known as the metaphase plate) midway between the spindle poles. The kinetochore microtubules exert tension on the chromosomes, which move back and forth in rapid erratic motion as a result, and the entire spindle-chromosome complex is now ready for the next event, separation of the daughter chromatids. Metaphase, one of the most critical stages in mitosis, occupies a substantial portion of the division cycle. In the digital videos presented above, normal pig kidney (LLC-PK1 line) epithelial cells labeled with mEmerald fluorescent protein fused to microtubule EB3 (a protein that binds to the positive ends of microtubules) and mCherry fused to human histone H2B (highlighting the chromosomes) are visualized undergoing mitosis in laser scanning confocal microscopy.

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