Welcome to the New MicroscopyU

MicroscopyU has been re-built from the ground up to offer a more streamlined, modern look. We’ve also improved site navigation, enabling you to access articles and tutorials as quickly as possible. 

Other new features include:

The site now has a responsive and mobile friendly design, automatically optimizing content to whatever screen size you are viewing it on (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). We’ve replaced all Flash and Java content with HTML5, which means that tutorials are now compatible with most desktop and mobile browsers. 


Article navigation has been significantly enhanced. Each article includes an outline, allowing you to easily jump to a sub-section, figure, table and/or formula. This is especially helpful when viewing lengthy articles.

Fully functional interactive tutorials now appear within relevant articles (versus having to leave the article page to view).

The image and video galleries have been upgraded, including new technique comparison gallery sections.

Diagrams are now presented in scalable vector (SVG) format, which automatically resize to accommodate varying screen widths. Diagram text is also sharper and searchable.


A new News & Updates section includes links to relevant science, imaging and technology articles we've found on the web, as well as the latest goings-on from Nikon Instruments. 

MicroscopyU content can now be easily shared through the various Social Media Platforms.

We hope that you enjoy the redesign and invite you to check back in with us frequently as we add new content and additional features to enhance your MicroscopyU experience.

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