Popular Tutorials

  1. Spatial Resolution in Digital Imaging

    Spatial resolution refers to the number of pixels utilized in construction of the image.

  2. Field of View Diameter

    Exploring the effect of varying the field of view size on the viewable specimen area.

  3. Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) Imaging

    Review the basic steps involved in acquiring a STORM super-resolution image.

  4. Numerical Aperture and Image Resolution

    Explore how objective numerical aperture size influences Airy disk properties.

  5. Microscope Alignment for Köhler Illumination

    Learn how to adjust a microscope to examine specimens in Köhler illumination.

  6. Matching Camera to Microscope Resolution

    Vary numerical aperture, magnification, and video coupler size to match camera resolution.

  7. Comparison of Phase Contrast and DIC Microscopy

    Examples of the same specimen viewed in either phase contrast or DIC.

  8. Objective Working Distance

    Examine the range of working distance values available in modern Nikon CFI60 objectives.

  9. Immersion Oil and Refractive Index

    The refractive index is critical in determining the working numerical aperture of an objective.

  10. Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

    A virtual microscope tutorial featuring a wide variety of specimens.

  1. Eyepiece Reticle Calibration

    Explores calibration of various eyepiece reticles using a stage micrometer and demonstrates how the reticle can then be employed to determine linear specimen dimensions.

  2. CCD Signal-To-Noise Ratio

    Signal-to-noise represents the ratio of the measured light signal to the combined noise.

  3. Choosing Filter Combinations for Fluorescent Proteins

    Identification of critical filter parameters for imaging fluorescent proteins.

  4. Tube Lens Focal Length

    Infinity optical systems feature tube lengths between 200 and 250 millimeters.

  5. Chromatic Aberration

    Explore axial and lateral chromatic aberrations seen in an optical microscope with this interactive tutorial.

  6. Depth of Field Calculator

    Calculate the depth of field for popular objectives with this interactive tutorial.

  7. Adjustment of Objective Correction Collars

    Learn how to adjust an objective correction collar to minimize spherical aberration.

  8. Phase Contrast Microscope Alignment

    Learn how to align a phase contrast microscope and examine variations in specimen appearance through the eyepieces (at different magnifications) when the condenser annulus is shifted into and out of alignment with the phase plate in the objective.

  9. Positive and Negative Phase Contrast

    This interactive tutorial explores relationships between the surround (S), diffracted (D), and resulting particle (P) waves in brightfield as well as positive and negative phase contrast microscopy.

  10. Astigmatism

    An off-axis aberration manifested as a point appearing to be a line or ellipse.