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Independent and Stochastic Action of DNA Polymerases in the Replisome

New research in Cell finds that the rate of synthesis for leading and lagging strand DNA polymerases are uncoordinated and can vary up to 10-fold. Furthermore, when DNA polymerase activity is paused, the rate of DNA unwinding by helicase drops by ~80% to allow for recoupling. Imaging was performed using a Nikon TE2000-U with 100x (NA 1.49) TIRF objective.

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RNA Phase Transitions in Repeat Expansion Disorders

New research in Nature shows that nucleotide repeat expansion disorders, such as ALS, require a certain number of repeats before transcripts form foci in the nucleus, with in vitro experiments showing that multivalent base-paring can lead to gelation of RNA.

Imaging was performed using a Nikon Ti-E inverted research microscope with Yokogawa X1 spinning disk.

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