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High Resolution 3-Dimensional Imaging of the Human Cardiac Conduction System From Microanatomy to Mathematical Modeling

The first micro-computed tomography 3D model of the cardiac conduction system in a living human heart was published in Scientific Reports. This will allow for more sophisticated models of heart function, with implications for heart surgery and drug discovery. MicroCT scanning was performed using both the Nikon Metris XTEK 320 kV and XTEK XTH 225 kV systems.

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Fusion of Regionally Specified hPSC-Derived Organoids Models Human Brain Development and Interneuron Migration

Research in Cell Stem Cell describes a 3D pluripotent stem cell culture technique for generating human brain organoids resembling the MGE and cortical domains. Movie of neuron migration below. Calcium imaging was performed using a Nikon TS-100, electrophysiology in conjunction with a Nikon FN-1, and imaging of fixed brain slices using a Nikon C1 confocal microscope.

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Rapid Screening and Identification of Living Pathogenic Organisms via Optimized Bioorthogonal Non-canonical Amino Acid Tagging

We’ve all heard about foodborne illnesses caused by E. coli and Listeria sp. Old methods for food surveillance may require several days to identify contamination, but new research provides a quick bio-orthogonal method for fluorescent labeling of bacteria. Imaging was performed in part using a Nikon Ti inverted microscope.

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