Nikon’s Museum of Microscopy

Eclipse 90i

( 2004 )

Eclipse 90i Motorized Upright Microscope

The Eclipse 90i was introduced in mid-2004 as the final installment to the i-series microscope system from Nikon. This would complete Nikon's full line of i-series upright microscopes with a top of the line research microscope that could meet the most demanding needs of even the most advanced imaging and scientific research.

This scope was designed for digital imaging and incorporated all of the newest technologies for the time, including the DIH head, which was designed for epifluorescence and had ports for dedicated digital cameras, confocal and spectral detectors. With its motorized functionality, it heralded a new era in automated scientific research models. Once automated, this microscope was capable of being operated digitally.

This system was also fully scalable and took advantage of all the new technological developments that the i-series had to offer, including wide spectrum UV Corrected optics and noise termination technology, which delivered digital images and confocal images with less noise and clearer imaging than ever before.

This scope was replaced in 2011 by the Eclipse Ni upright microscope line.

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