Nikon’s Museum of Microscopy

Microflex Model PFM Camera Accessory

( Circa early 1970s )

Designed primarily for 35-millimeter photography, this unit was a reflex-type photomicrographic attachment with a built-in shutter and focus finder. There were a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories that made the Microflex PFM a versatile and adaptable tool for taking photographs through the microscope.

Nikon Model S Microscope with PFM Photomicrographic Accessory

Seven adapters were available to accommodate different image recording formats, including adapters for a 35-millimeter camera, a 35-millimeter dark box, and for two cameras. Other adapters accommodated photography using sheet film or a photo plate cassette, a Polaroid camera, and a 16-millimeter cinemicrography camera.

Three different eyepiece adapters allowed the unit to be attached to either a standard, stereoscopic, or polarizing microscope. There were two types of viewfinders, a finder telescope and a projection finder, and three interchangeable relay/projection lenses for 35-millimeter film, Polaroid film, No. 120 roll film, and 16-millimeter cine film. Filters and a cable release for the shutter were also available.

Today Nikon offers a number of digital camera solutions for its microscope products.

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